Hi Sophie,


> I've got a little problem with installing latex. I downloaded the full 
> 415 mb, self extracting image and I succesfully installed windedt, but 
> I couldn't finish it by installing latex also. So  there are a few 
> options I can't use. Which I do need for my job. (I'm a student who 
> works at the Utrecht University (The Netherlands), and I have te learn 
> to work with Latex to help a professor).
> I followed the 21 pages instruction, but the links doesn't work. 
> I don't do this kind of computer things often, and I really can't 
> manage this. Is there a way you can help me?

As far as i understand, you clicked on the "Click here to
install..."-marks, but only the one for WinEdt did actually work? Sounds
very strange. Wasn't there no kind of reaction?

Well, if everything fails, you can start the installation of LaTeX
directly, by clicking on the setup-...exe, which you will find in the
ProTeXt\MiKTeX\setup directory.

Good luck - Thomas
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