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Dick Nickalls schrieb:

> just a note to say I have been following this thread, /but/
> we have a PC with home edition XP system, and even
> when using the new 2007 TeXLive DVD, we find that
> when we click on the
> PDF  install message (from the PDF file) still nothing happens!!!!
> -- surely it should work straight from the DVD??

Of course it should. Normally the Reader should act like described in 
the following: The first time you click on one of the "PDF install 
messages" it should produce a warning, that you're going to open an 
external program or script. Afterwards you can accept or deny the 
execution (you should choose "Open" doing this).

What i don't know exactly is what happens in case you've denied the 
opening of external scripts once, and having choosed the option, that 
you don't want to be bothered with that prompt anymore. Maybe your 
problems result from something like this?

> is there something else we should be doing?????

In case everything fails, you can come along with this, by installing 
MiKTeX manually. Coming from the root directory of the TeXLive DVD 
you'll find the corresponding installation procedures in the subdirectores:

MiKTeX: \protext\MiKTeX\setup
TeXnicCenter: \protext\TeXnicCenter
Ghostscript/GSview: \protext\gsv

Good luck - Thomas
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