Dear Thomas,
Many thanks for your quick response!
Apparently, I have the version numbers 1 Beta 6.31 ('Firenze')
and MiKTeX 2.4.

You have 2.5 in your example, so I guess these are not the newest (the page from which I downloaded is not explicit about the version numbers, it has protext.exe and protext-2.0.exe, both with a 2007 date -- I took the protext.exe).

Contrary to what you indicate in your message below, LATEX => PS => PDF handles *both* eps and jpg!
This is what I need most of the time, so I shall stick to it.

Peter J. Huber

At 14:53 11.06.2007, Thomas Feuerstack wrote:
Peter J. Huber schrieb:
Two questions:
(1) I recently had to re-install ProTeXt (because LaTeX => PS => PDF no longer worked, registry problem?). How do I find out which software versions of MiKTeX and TeXnic Center I am actually using?

Inside TeXnicCenter, open the ?(Help)-Menue and choose the entry 'Info about TeXnicCenter'. You'll find the version number at the top of the displayed window.

MiKTeX prints out it version number in the first line of its log-output. You should see a line like

This is pdfeTeX, Version 3.141592-1.30.6-2.2 (MiKTeX 2.5)

While 'Version' describes the state of the used TeX-Version, the number insides the paranthesises shows the used MiKTeX-Version.

(2) Is there any easy way (as in Word) to include different graphics (eps, jpg, tiff, bmp) in a single document?

As Karl has mentionend in hist Mail, this depends on the output-direction you've chosen before. If you followed the line

LaTeX -> DVI [-> PS [-> PDF]]

eps is the only graphics format, that will be accepted. Therefore it might be better to use PDFLaTeX directly


which accepts graphics in pdf, jpg and png-format (unfortunately no eps and/or tif).

Sincerely - Thomas Feuerstack

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