I recently installed the TeXLive 2007 distribution (on an XP machine) as 
well as following the instructions for installing proTeXt per "The Quickest 
Way to a TeX System."  This included downloading and installing Ghostscript 
and GSview.  Now I'm ready to follow the instructions on page 11 of the 
   1. "Start TeXnicCenter, and compose your document."   Here I loaded a TeX 
file which had previously been compiled using PCTeX.
   2. "Select and Output Profile..."  I selected TeX => DVI since this is 
the mode I've operated in for at least 20 years.  (I'm not a LaTeX user.)
   3. "Click on the icon for Build current file... Do this as many times as 
needed to resolve all cross references..."  I click on the icon and the 
*only* thing that occurs is the message
  ------Output Profile: TeX => DVI -----
appears on the Build tab at the bottom of the screen. There are no error 
messages or anything.  Just in case it compiled and I didn't know it, I 
clicked on the View Output icon and the message "Cannot execute the command" 

What am I missing or not doing?  I know I have some cross references that 
need to be resolved, but I did not get a single error message.  Again, 
nothing happened.

Please advise.

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