> I can't install protext because I don't use and don't intend to use 
> adobe reader. What is workaround to this problem?

First of all, open the document Install\protext-install-en.pdf with the
PDF-Reader of your choice.

In case you use the Foxit Reader you can try to act similiar as if
you've opened the document with the Adobe Reader. For my person i never
did it, but some users reported that it works.

If everything fails you should navigate through the directories MiKTeX,
TeXnicCenter and gsv and start the local setup-routines manually.

> Are you about to fix 
> it in the next release?

i have plans to enable Foxit as a completion to the Adobe Reader, but
i'm not quite sure, when i'll have the time to build the next update.

Sincerely - ThF

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