I picked up the TUG CD at the last AMS/MAA meeting but installing is not
(fully) working. All the files are loaded for MikTeX, the ghost and
postcript viewers, the only problem is that I do not get the shortcuts
either on the desktop or in the list of installed programs/files. Thus,
when I run installation of TeXnicCenter for instance, when the program
gets to "creating shortcuts" it gives me a message: "Internal error:
failed to expand shell folder constant 'userdocs' "  This happens with
installation of all MikTex, and the viewer programs, although I can
manually create shortcuts for the viewers which seem to be working.

I have a new laptop, plenty of hard disk space, 2Ghz, and 2gig RAM, XP as
operating system. Could this have something to do with windows not
letting the "intruders" in , or what is it?
I had no problem installing old MikTex on another computer, when it was
done more manually.
Somebody can enlighten me?
Thanks in advance
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