Victoria Crooks schrieb:
> I am trying to download LaTex and I followed all the steps. I downloaded 
> MiKteX 2.7 and TeXnic Center and when I tried to configure TeXnic, it 
> said that latex was not contained within MiKteX.

hmm, i'm afraid i never saw this kind of message. To answer your 
question, it might be good to provide me with some more information:

- Did you download MiKTeX and TeXnicCenter as part of the 
ProTeXt-package, or did you download them separatly from their 

- Can you explain more detailled about the moment you'll see thist 
message? I.e. When you start TC the first time it normally tries to find 
a TeX-distribution and to create the Output-profiles afterwards. Does 
the message occur at that point, or when does it arrive?

Regards - Thomas

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