Dave Walden schrieb:
> I used the TeX Collection DVD from Sept 2008. I deleted MiKTeX from my 
> laptop machine (loaded from the ProTeXt CD several years ago), because 
> the pdf-based instructions for installing MikTeX from the TeX collection 
> DVD tell me to do so.  And I am installing the complete MikTeX.  
> However, it already has shown four failure messages: 
>    MiKTeX207-core.dll does not exist
>                    -core-PS.dll does not exist
>                    -packagemanager-PD.dll does not exist
>                    -packagemanager.dll does not exist
> I will let the install run to completion, but I'm betting the above are 
> enough to have it not work, and I'll have to uninstall this and 
> reinstall the version for any early TeX Collection set of CDs.

i don't risk to bet against you ;-) But in case you didn't loose up to 
know, you could try the following.

- Uninstall MiKTeX by using the Windows-Software-(un)installation routine.

- Make sure to delete MiKTeX's default directory
(i.e. C:\Program Files\ MiKTeX 2.7)

- Delete all entries inside Windows registration under 

Reboot the machine and try a fresh install.

Regards - Thomas

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