Max Schloessinger Memorial Foundation schrieb:
I've recently installed ProTeXt 2.2 and it works fine. However, it seems that
in the ArabTeX package, there's one "broken" file (hecmd.sty). I've already
contacted the author of this package and he kindly provided me with another
file and told me to replace it with the broken one. However, I cannot add or
change the file through MikTeX. The ArabTeX package is stored in a cabinet
folder (.cab) and I can't make any changes there.
I would be happy to receive any ideas on how to solve this.

hmm, i'm afraid the only chance you'll have to come arround this, exists in replacing the broken file directly by its working successor. Which means:

- Look on your harddisk in the directory which contains hecmd.sty . In case you've choosed the standard installation you should find it in

C:\Program Files\MiKTeX 2.7\tex\latex\arabtex

- Create a backup of the old hecmd.sty by renaming it (i.e. to hecmd.ori) and copy the new hecmd.sty in the directory named above.

Good luck - Thomas

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