i have a more serious problem
(althuogh i would prefer the check sum to be done):

i downloaded the file (protext-2.2)
and tried to install several times (windows vista, hp pavilion)
but i always get the message

"this program could have not been correctly installed"

(i'n trying to do everything in spanish, and i think that's the translation)

and i never get the figure 1.2 in page 7 of the installing document
"the quickest way to a tex system"
(which by the way has buttons in german)

can anybody give me some help on this?

another question:

is it posible to export from latex to word?



On Thu, Oct 8, 2009 at 4:39 AM, Thomas Feuerstack <
thomas.feuerst...@fernuni-hagen.de> wrote:

> Gaspar Núñez schrieb:
> > i'm trying to begin with latex
> > and downloaded protext
> > when executing the md5sum
> > i have  a message saying that
> > windows cannot read that file
> >
> > can someone tell me how that works?
> In fact the .md5-file is only needed to proof if the download of
> ProTeXt's main archive was successfull.
> Make sure to download the main archive, ProTeXt-2.2-071709.exe is the
> recent one, and start the installation by double clicking on it.
> Regards - Thomas


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