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short answer: always use pdflatex (LaTeX => PDF), so that you can benefit of all the pdf functionalities (such as: hyperlinks, bookmarks and so on).

Since LaTeX was born before the pdf (de facto) standard, at the beginning the outputs were DVI (stands for DeVice Indipendent) or PostScript (standard printer language).

So, in case you don't have specific requirements, I suggest you to use always pdflatex, since (in my opinion) there is no significant difference in quality for documents printed from pdf or ps.

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Il 16/10/2009 16:24, Michael Zylla ha scritto:

i'm new to ProTeXt and although i'm working with it for only some days i'm 
really happy with it. But now i have a suggestion and a questions. At first the 

After installing MiKTeX, TeXnicCenter, Ghostscript and GSView in this order 
(like it's recommended in the installation guide), i only found the following 
output formats in TeXnicCenter:

LaTeX=>DVI   (opened with Yap)
LaTeX=>PDF   (opened with Acrobat)
LaTeX=>PS    (opened with Distiller and after that with Acrobat)

I wondered why i had installed Ghostscript and GSView because it wasn't used. 
So i decided to uninstall TeXnicCenter and reinstall it. After that i had the 
following output formats:

LaTeX=>DVI   (opened with Yap)
LaTeX=>PDF   (opened with Acrobat)
LaTeX=>PS    (opened with GSView)
LaTeX=>PS=>PDF    (opened with Acrobat)

So i installed everything in the order MikTeX, Ghostscript, GSView and at last 
TeXnicCenter. Wouldn't this be more reasonable or am i making a mistake?

These different output formats now lead me to my question:

If i'm right, i can create a PDf document in the following ways:

LaTeX=>PS and use the Distiller after that

How do these three options vary in their kind of creation? And which one leads 
to the best result for a printed document? Or are there maybe yet 
another/better ways for a creation?

Best regards,



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