Am 20.09.2010 09:00, schrieb Peter J. Huber:
> In your reply to Shailesh Shirali you discuss versions.
> How do I find out which version of ProteXt I am actually using? I
> installed mine some three years ago, use it only intermittently but then
> heavily, and I wonder whether it would be worthwhile to change to a
> newer version.

there's actually no ProTeXt version number on which you could detect if
an upgrade is needed. While ProTeXt works only as a container for a
couple of indipendent installation-routines i never saw a need for this.

To check if an upgrade could be worthwhile you should check your own
demands, i.e. as long as your system does what you want, there's no real
need for an upgrade.

Regards - Thomas

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