Dear all

I've just used ProTexT to install the Tex distribution it brings with the
pdf installation pack (MikTeX 2.8 +  ...).

However I've a few FUNDAMENTAL QUESTIONS related to the installationf a
xxx.cls (class) package.:

QUESTION 1- As I've seen in the Archives, the so-called C:\texmf-local file
is longer supported by Miktex 2.8 version installed through Protext.

>From what I've read, this is where UPDATES or NEW/ADDITIONAL packages should
be saved.

In one of the email in the protext Archive (copied below), it's suggested to
save those ADDITIONAL packages in the folder C:\Documents and Settings/
Administrator\ Local Settings\Application Data\ MiKteX\2.8\miktex\base (as
this is the folder that appears with the description 'USER DATA' in the
MiKteX-Options-Roots window on the one hand and, as I want to add a 'class'
file I think it should be in the 'base' subdirectory).

So my first question is, should I save any UPDATE and/or NEW PACKAGE in this
folder 'C:\Documents and Settings/ Administrator\ Local Settings\Application
Data\ MiKteX\2.8\miktex'.

If so, what are the other two folders in C:\Documents and Settings\....'
that I can see in MiKteX-Options-Roots window, designed for?

QUESTION 2- After having been reading abt different LaTeX-related issues
during the last few days, I've seen in numerous occasions the importance of
having a 'ROOT' directory (as in C:\texmf) and a 'LOCAL' one (as in
C:\texmf-local) with the same  structure (TDS) as the former one. What are
the equivalents of these two directories, 'C:\Program Files\MikTeX 2.8' and
the file I mentioned above in C:\Documents and Setting (User Data) ?

QUESTION 3- When I use MikTex Update Wizard, what are the 'local repository
files'? and where are they?

QUESTION 4- As u can read here,

it's suggested to change the default locations from the ProText installation
to the typical ones. Would you recommend to do so?

Needless to say, thanks vm, and apologies for any inconveniences. But I'm
completely stuck.

Best rgds


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Neil Gretsky schrieb:
>* On my new machine I have just downloaded and installed the new version *>* 
>of ProTeXt and have*>* been following the directions given in "The Quickest 
>Way to a TeX *>* System". On page 9 section 1.5.4*>* there are remarks about 
>adding an already present Local TEXMF tree *>* (normally in C:\localtexmf) to 
>the*>* MikTeX search path using the Roots tab.*
Well, beginning with MiKTeX 2.7 C:\localtexmf isn't a standard Local
TEXMF tree anymore. You can see the current settings, by...

>* I am a little confused. My questions are:*>* 1. In the Roots screen, do I 
>want to click yes on the button to show the *>* maintained root directories?*
... clicking on the checkbox to show you the maintained root
directories. (defaults are C:\Program Files\MiKTeX 2.8 and C:\Documents
and Settings\...)

>* 2. I can't find C:\localtexmf, but there is already a folder C:Local Tex *>* 
>Files which has an existing*>* localtexmf-like structure. Is the latter folder 
>a synonym or a *>* replacement for the former folder?*
I'm afraid its none of it. C:\Local Tex doesn't come with MiKTeX. Are
you sure its coming from a different/older TeX-installation on your machine?

>* Is there some possible naming conflict?*
It depends how you order your Local TEXMF Path inside the list of
registrated root directories. Files are searched, concerning to the
list, from top to bottom.

Regards - Thomas

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