Am 20.11.2010 23:58, schrieb Walter Tape:
> Using the downloaded pdf protext-install-en, I am unable to install
> Miktex by clicking on the link
> *Click here to install MiKTEX*
> I get the error message :
> "This file is set to be launched by this PDF file. This is currently
> disallowed by your system administrator."
> But in fact I AM the administrator, as is confirmed if I examine User
> Accounts. This is a home computer; there is only one user.

yes, this error occured first, with version 9.3 of the Adobe software,
but i should have been fixed in ProTeXt-2.2.3. Therefore:

- Make sure that you've download the recent ProTeXt-archive
ProTeXt-2.2.3-091410.exe . You'll find it on every CTAN-Server, at least

- If everything fails, you can start the individual setup-routines
manually, by entering the concerning subdirectories (i.e. .../MiKTeX ,
.../gsv , .../TeXniccenter , ...) and klicking on the appropriate setups.

Good luck - Thomas


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