1.  The newest version of proTeXt switches the recommended editor to TeXMaker 
2.1.  But when I checked their website (http://texmaker.sourceforge.net/), I 
find that I am immediately forwarded to (http://texstudio.sourceforge.net/) 
because this product has changed names and has a newer version, TeXstudio 2.2.  
It would be nicer to use the more recent version with the changed name (which 
was available before July 4, 2011).

2.  In the doc folder, all of the versions of lshort.pdf (english, french, and 
italian) seem to be old.  The English version there is 2006, whereas the most 
recent version at CTAN (http://www.ctan.org/tex-archive/info/lshort/english/) 
is dated April 6, 2011.  It would be nicer to include the most recent versions.

Otherwise the new proTeXt is nice.  Thanks for you continuing efforts.  I 
regularly teach our graduate mathematics students how to use TeX, and I always 
have them start with the installations recommended by CTAN.  I upgrade my own 
installations just before I have them do this so that I can anticipate what 
they will see.

Dr. Dennis Pence
Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA

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