Dear Lorien,


> I am also having this problem. I have downloaded the protext.exe file 
but it will not extract. When I click on it and then click extract on 
the screen which pops up I receive the following error:

> "The archive is either in unknown format or damaged"

> What could be the problem? 

> Best,
> Lorien Hayden
> University of Missouri-Columbia

I have experienced this problem many times, and have found that the 
cause invariably was that the downloaded file *is* indeed damaged. A 
simple way to check is to compare the size of the downloaded file with 
the size it is supposed to have (the web page will give you the exact 
size). At some point the download has (most likely) stopped. (Why that 
happens is a mystery to me. But all one can do is to start over - from 

I found that when I did the downloading using Firefox, it was able to 
deal with broken connections much better than other browsers.

Hope this helps.

Shailesh Shirali

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