On 7/23/2010 9:18 AM, Thomas Heller wrote:
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I proudly announce that the port of phoenix3 is completed! All
testcases pass! (some with minor modifications)

So, What is next? Here is my proposed schedule:
  - fix some minor issues
  - improve boost.bind compatibility: make all boost.bind testcases pass
  - implement all boost.lambda testcases and make them pass, as far as it is
  - add support for C++0x lambdas
  - make interoperability testcases for std::function, boost::function
  - adapt the documentation
  - clean up code (some parts are a little messy as of now)
  - improve compile time

Did I miss something?

You did not miss anything but before the world ends, or the sun burns out, documentation for Phoenix in a Boost distribution would be most desirable.

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