On 8/10/2010 8:31 PM, Joel de Guzman wrote:
> On 8/10/2010 10:49 PM, Eric Niebler wrote:
>> I'm going to write a series of posts about proto and phoenix3 for
>> cpp-next.com. I have a draft of the first post up. It mentions
>> expression templates, spirit, phoenix and proto. Please take a moment to
>> look it over and tell me if I've flubbed anything. All feedback welcome.
>> http://cpp-next.com/?p=1469&preview=true&preview_id=1469&public=1&nonce=5df036d616
> What can I say? Superbly written as typical of Eric :-) I can't
> wait to read more. How many of a series are you planning to write?

Thanks. I don't know how many. I've only written the one so far. But
there's a lot to say, so it might go on for a bit.

> (one minor thing: if you want to elide the prefix -, at least use
> int_ instead of uint_).

OK. I'll probably put back unary minus. Thanks,

Eric Niebler
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