On 15/08/10 23:21, Eric Niebler wrote:
Haha! I admit I was a bit suspicious at first. Nobody ever said, "Wow,
Proto sped up my compiles!" ;-)
I wish :)

But looking at Joel's implementation, I suspect it can be sped up
considerably by avoiding fusion vectors and maps. (I've found fusion to
be costly at compile time and generally avoid it in Proto.)
Yup, same experience here. I dunno if it comes fromthe TMP part of the PP part tough
I don't see a reason why the proto expression tree can't directly serve the same
role as the fusion map. Just define a transform instead of using
Hmmm, how should this transform work ? We already capture the value of the parmaeters by value in the tree so it can actually be used for this but I admit the transform is not trivial.

Regardless, a nifty hack, and amazing you could do this in a few hours.
It was the point of the game ;)

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