I can imagine a lot of usecases that benefit from this feature. Let me
list a few here:
    - Multi Stage programming: evaluate the phoenix expression to
another language that can
      be compiled by some external compiler. The prime example i
imagine for this is that someone
      picks that topic up, and writes a shader DSL based on phoenix
reusing the already existing
      phoenix constructs.

We already did here using a souped up phoenix like construct. SO being able to use the real thing(tm) will be even beter

   - Optimiziers: With the help of this Actions parameter, it almost
gets trivial to write optimization
     passes that work on phoenix expression. I think this is worth
exploring, because a optimizer working
     on these high level expression has way more information than for
example the GIMPLE representation
     of GCC.

see nt2 SIMD pack optimization for such use case too.
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