On 20/02/11 11:57, Eric Niebler wrote:
On 2/20/2011 5:52 PM, Joel Falcou wrote:
1/ how do you measure performances ? Anything which is not the median of
1-5K runs is meaningless.
You can see how he measures it in the code he posted.

I clicked send too fast :p
2/ Don't use context, transform are usually better optimized by compilers
That really shouldn't matter.
Well, in our test it does. At least back in gcc 4.4
3/ are you using gcc on a 64 bits system ? On this configuration a gcc
bug prevent proto to be inlined.
Naive question: are you actually compiling with optimizations on? -O3
-DNDEBUG? And are you sure the compiler isn't lifting the whole thing
out of the loop, since the computation is the same with each iteration?
Oh yeah I forgot these.

On my machine (mac osx dual core intel with g++4-5) i have a 25% speed up by proto ...
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