Hi Eric,

Thanks for updating the docs. It was interesting reading. Below are some
typos that I found in the Sub-Domains document.

Dave Jenkins



1.      Change "famalies" to "families".

2.      Change "expresison" to "expression". (in the code)

3.      Change "two expression in different domains" to "two expressions in
different domains". (in code)

4.      Change "sub-somain of spirit_domain" to "sub-domain of
spirit_domain". (in code)

5.      Change "rules are loosly modeled" to "rules are loosely modeled".

6.      Change "In so doing, you give expression in" to "In so doing, you
give expressions in".

7.      Change "functionionality" to "functionality".

8.      Change "sub-somain of proto" to "sub-domain of proto". (in code)


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