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> Good day, 
> Streamulus is a C++ DSEL for event stream processing. 
> It uses Proto to transform simple expressions into a data structure that 
> computes 
> the expression over an infinite stream of inputs. With user-defined operators 
> that 
> can have side effects or maintain state, this scheme is very flexible. I 
> believe it also
> maps well to the way we (or at least I) tend to think about stream 
> computations. 
> V0.1 is the first 'release', and it consists of the basic functionality, 
> i.e., the language. 
> Future releases will focus on optimisations. 
> See:  
> Project web page:  http://www.streamulus.com 
> Blog: http://streamulus.blogspot.co.uk/    (The first post explains the 
> motivation for Streamulus).
> Your feedback will be appreciated. 

Well, I think the hello world example is too simple to illustrate what
this does, and the blog posting is TL;DR, but I skimmed it, and still
didn't really have a clue.  Have you looked at
http://www.boost.org/doc/libs/1_49_0/doc/html/accumulators.html?  It
seems to have some overlap with the problems you're solving.

Dave Abrahams
BoostPro Computing

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