Le 27/07/2012 08:11, Eric Niebler a écrit :
You mean, a proto callable that wraps fusion::transform? No, we don't
have one yet. If you write one, I'll put it in proto.


Naming is becoming an issue, though. We already have proto::transform.
You'd be adding proto::functional::transform that would be totally
unrelated. I think I screwed up with the namespaces. It should probably
be proto::functional::fusion::transform. Urg.

Well, I guess this is a breaking change :s

What I need is maybe more generic as I need to apply an arbitrary function with arbitrary number of parmaeters, the first beign the flattened tree, the others begin whatever:

transform( f, [a b c d], stuff, thingy )
=> [f(a,stuff,thingy) f(b,stuff,thingy) f(c,stuff,thingy)]

I'll try and ake it works out of the box first and see how it can be generalized.

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