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I've made no effort so far to port Proto v5 to any compiler other than clang. 
I'm sure it would be a big job. I welcome any contributions. Otherwise, it'll 
get ported eventually, but probably not before I get the API settled.


That was my polite way of asking if the repository is in a compilable state. GCC 4.8.1 claims to be C++11 feature complete, so whatever it fails has to be a bug (on either GCC or Proto).

I already sent a pull request that fixes a couple of duplicated constexpr (probably a bug on Proto). Also found out that GCC allows the use of `this` within `decltype` but not within `noexcept` (probably a bug on GCC). I will try to figure out what is wrong with the remaining errors.

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I watched the C++Now session about Proto v5, and now I want to play with
it. I do not have the luxury of a Clang build from trunk, but I do have
GCC 4.8.1 which should do pretty well.

I cloned the repository at https://github.com/ericniebler/proto-0x/.
After jumping a few hoops, I am now left with tons of instances of the
same errors:

- error: no type named 'proto_grammar_type' in ...
           using type = typename Ret::proto_grammar_type(Args...);

- error: no type named 'proto_action_type' in ...
           using type = typename Ret::proto_action_type(Args...);

For at least some cases, those are clear errors since the Ret type
represents an empty structs (e.g. `not_`).

What is going on? What should I be doing to get Proto v5 to compile?


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