On Sep 6, 10:44 am, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> Kenton Varda wrote:
> > Feel free to use the above code (note: hasn't been compiled or
> > tested).  I guess the question is whether or not this needs to be in
> > libprotobuf itself.
> I am in favor of putting some kind of delimited message format into the
> API, this is the requested feature.  This will keep people from being
> too creative and reinventing incompatible solutions to have delimited
> messages.  Such as the suggestions in this thread.

In my C# API I have a MessageStream (or something like that - I don't
have the source with me) which allows streaming by writing a sequence
of messages as if they were a repeated element with field 1 within a
container message. I then have a MessageStreamIterator which can
iterate through the messages in a stream in the obvious way.

The nice thing about this is that if you want to load everything in
one go, just create the virtual container message, and load that.

I agree that it would be nice to see this functionality in more
environments, agreeing it to be a common format for streaming. We
*could* add the flexibility of allowing the field number to be set on
both the iterator and the writer if that were deemed useful. I don't
think it would be good to mix message types within a stream, so just a
single number would suffice, perhaps defaulting to 1.


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