Hi Alex,

Kenton Varda wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 8, 2008 at 9:11 PM, Alex Loddengaard 
>     I have a follow-up question:
>     Will using
>     /messageInstance.newBuilderForType().mergeFrom(input).build();/
>     work for a stream that contains trailing binary information?
> No, it won't work.  Protocol buffers are not self-delimiting.  They 
> assume that the input you provide is supposed to be one complete 
> message, not a message possibly followed by other stuff.
> You will need to somehow communicate the size of the message and make 
> sure to limit the input to that size.
Aha.  This <binary>message<binary> case is one of the heretofore 
hypothetical use cases I am discussing in the adjacent thread on this 
mailing list / group.  The thread is online at

and was spawned from

This is mainly myself, Jon, and Kenton slowly forming a consensus on the 
right API for delimited messages.  I had proposed simply adding the 
length (varint) before the message, and Kenton demonstrated c++ code for 
this.  Jon proposed adding a field number / wiretype tag before the 
length and message, which makes it look much more like a protocol-buffer 
field on the wire.

What do you need Alex?


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