I have some problems setting up a simple IPC system using protocol
buffers for sending the parameters and results between two processes.
I have written a protocol buffers service with a function and a simple
IPC system that can transfer raw byte messages between two processes.
My problem is understanding how my RpcChannel::CallMethod should be
implemented. I was expecting it was as easy to encode the message to
raw bytes and pick it up in the other process and decode it. However,
it turned out that the MethodDescriptor is not encoded in the Message
and it's needed in the other end to route the message to the right
function. I found no functionality to serialize the MethodDescriptor
to a byte stream.

Of course I can come up with encodings for the method descriptor,
either sending the name or the index should work. Then I can just put
it first in the buffer that's transferred to the other process, but
that means I lose the nice feature of letting protocol buffers
handling unicode string encoding, endianness of integers etc. One
approach would be to create a meta message containing both the method
descriptor and the encoded message as a variable size byte array in
one message.
I somehow think I'm missing the point here, how is
RpcChannel::CallMethod supposed to work?
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