I just started looking at implementing RPC service in Java.  In my
implementation class of RpcChannel interface, one method to be
implemented defined as:

public void callMethod(Descriptors.MethodDescriptor method,
RpcController controller, Message request,
                           Message responsePrototype,
RpcCallback<Message> done) {

    // my implementation goes here...


My understanding is the implementation of the above method is where
the remote request/response should be hooked in.  The question is: how
does it return the response message and make it available to the
caller of this method?

>From the C++ example code in Language Guide, the responseProtoType is
passed by reference (pointer), thus making it possible to carry the
output of the method.  Since arguments to java method call are always
passed by value, how does one get hold of the response message after
"callMethod" returns successfully.

Deeply puzzled and need help.

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