I am currently in the R&D phase of developing interactive television
applications for a large media company.  The interactive television
technology being used is formerly known as OCAP, and now referred to
as Tru2Way.  This technology is currently being adopted by the
majority of the consumer electronic industry and is planned to be
included in television sets and STB's (set top boxes) in the future.
The basics of the technology are that an embedded computer with
limited memory (etc) and JVM will be built into the TV sets and
STB's.  Television programs which are broadcast using MPEG-2 format
contain the ability to transmit additional data including Java
application code to be broadcast along with the television program.
The Tru2Way enabled TV's and STB's will then interpret the Java code,
and allow for applications to be pushed down to users.

The application we are developing will need to receive continuous data
in order to update the application with the latest information and
display that information to the TV screen.  We ruled out XML because
it is too fat and inefficient for the limited embedded computers being
used.  I then stumbled on Protocol Buffers, and this looks like a
perfect alternative except for one issue.  The JVM that runs on the
Tru2Way enabled devices are 1.1.18 JVM's, and therefore do not have
support for generics, enums, etc.  On the receiving end (the TV and
STB) the only functionality our application will need is to read the
data coming in to display to the user.

I was hoping someone more familiar with the source code can shed some
light on how difficult it may be if I were to bring the code back to
being compatible with pre-1.2 JVM's.  From first glance at the code,
it appears the changes won't be too dramatic, but I just wanted to
make sure I am not missing anything major.  Also, are there any
additional options anyone can think of for this situation?  Also, what
source files are needed if all I am interested in is receiving
messages?  I assume I might not need the Rpc* files, but did not know
of any additional files I can strip out.

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