I was wondering if it was possible to extract the contents of a
serialized string without knowing ahead of time what kind of message
it is?

For example: I'm using tcp to send data back and fourth.  On one side
I create a message and serialize the data, and on the receiving side I
'ParseFromString' and check the information.  However, I have
different types of messages being sent so the receiving side has no
idea what it is actually getting.

example .proto file [messages actually contain field, taken out for
simplicity] which creates 'dtm_pb2' after compiling

package dtm;
message ping {
message statusUpdate {
message findWorker {

so in my code on the receiving end I have:
msg = dtm_pb2()

this gives an error.

Is there any way to initialize the msg variable and extract the
If I knew what kind of message it was I could always use:
msg = dtm_pb2.statusUpdate()
and this would work fine, but this is no a viable solution for me.


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