You could always have your class implement ZeroCopyInputStream and *contain*
an implementation of CopyingInputStream, like:
  class MyStream : public ZeroCopyInputStream {
    virtual ~MyStream();

    CopyingInputStream* AsCopyingInputStream() {
      return &copying_stream_;


    class MyCopyingInputStreamAdaptor : public CopyingInputStream {
      MyCopyingInputStreamAdaptor(MyStream* stream);
    MyCopyingInputStreamAdaptor copying_stream_;

This way you do not need to implement both interfaces with a single class.

On Mon, Oct 20, 2008 at 7:18 PM, <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hi,
> The ZeroCopyInputStream and CopyingInputStream classes both define a
> Skip() function, but one returns a bool and the other returns an int.
> Because of this, they are not compatible, so I can't write a class
> that implements both interfaces for example.
> It is sometimes useful to be able to implement both interfaces.  I
> wrote a zero copy socket input stream, and having the ability to use
> the copying interface is desirable for ease of use (and testing).  So
> I wrote a Read() function that calls Next()/BackUp() then do a
> memcpy.  This can even be a generic function in the "abstract"
> interface.  This is what Java does for example:
> It feels wrong to me that the two interfaces are incompatible by
> design, and it would be really cool if I can write something that
> implements both (so I can have a Skip() function for one).
> Making the ZeroCopy version of Skip() returns an int instead of bool
> would make this possible.  What do you think?
> Frank
> >

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