My port of the Java code to C# (which I really must give a proper name
some time) has just undergone a somewhat radical transformation.

The github repository (
master) no longer contains any source code from the Google main
project. There is no non-C# code at all (which is a relief to me, from
a maintenance point of view). Instead, there is a prebuilt binary of
protoc.exe, and it builds a generator (protogen.exe) which can take
the "binary protobuf" created by protoc.exe with the --
descriptor_set_out option and generate C# code from it. It uses the
new options features to control namespaces, class names etc.

There's a NAnt/NAntContrib script to control the build (although it
delegates to MSBuild for the main compilation) and I hope to get Mono
support working at some point in the near future.

The licence on the source files is currently the Apache one, but I'll
change it to match the BSD one used by the main Google project very

Documentation is *completely* absent at the moment. It's on the list
of things to do :)

Comments, requests etc very welcome.


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