On Tue, Oct 28, 2008 at 11:46:19AM -0700, Kenton Varda wrote:
> Ever notice how practically no one uses HTTP auth?  :)
By the way one of the simpliest ways for RPC is to use HTTP transport.
It's have some limitations (e.g large overhead for small messages) but
also some benefits (e.g many libraries for performing HTTP calls and
simple proxying)

All RPC implementations mentioned on wiki use raw link to exchange data.
So I've created simple RPC over HTTP but description [1] is a bit...
incomplete :) If somebody is interested in this approach I'll expand
documentation. Code may be found at [2, 3]


P.S. Sorry for self-advertising :)

[1] http://grid.pp.ru/wiki/pbufrpc
[2] http://grid.pp.ru/git/?p=psha/pbufrpc/.git
[3] git://grid.pp.ru/psha/pbufrpc

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