Re point 1: no, you don't.

To illustrate, protobuf-net's protogen actually re-writes the
descriptor as xml. If you want, you can use this "as is", just add a
new xslt and you're done:

    protogen -i:foo.proto -o:bar.whatever -t:yourlanguage

Or if you want them as xml, this already exists:

    protogen -i:foo.proto -o:foo.xml -t:xml

You are more than welcome to use protogen to extract the data you want
as xml

Re point 2: again, you can get around this if you need on an
implementation basis. protobuf-net will spoof inheritance as

Re point 4: again, trivial via a bytes - no need for bespoke
support... protobuf-net will handle Guid data automatically

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