I was just looking over descriptor.proto for the option extensions,
and I spotted this comment that I hadn't seen before:

// Clients may define custom options as extensions of the *Options
// These extensions may not yet be known at parsing time, so the
parser cannot
// store the values in them.  Instead it stores them in a field in the
// message called uninterpreted_option. This field must have the same
// across all *Options messages. We then use this field to populate
// extensions when we build a descriptor, at which point all protos
have been
// parsed and so all extensions are known.

I don't understand the "This field must have the same name across all
*Options messages." Am I right in saying that's an implementation
detail about the uninterpreted_option field? It's not saying that the
extensions themselves need to have the same name across all *Options
messages, right?

Just thought it would be worth clarifying before I do the wrong
thing :)
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