I usualy can download whole manuals with this:

wget -r -k -p -F -l 0 -t 10 -nc -np http://...

-r recursive
-k convet links
-p whole page
-F force html
-l 0 number of levels (0=all)
-t 10 number of tentatives
-nc avoid links to repeated files
-np not-parent directoies

I hope this helps

Scott Stafford escreveu:
> Hi -
> My company works on an intranet that doesn't have an internet
> connection.  For 3rd-party libraries, we typically download the
> documentation and host it locally.  I plan to use protobuf, but I
> don't see anywhere to download the docs.  Any chance they'll be added
> to the download package or offered as a separate package?  I can
> spider them but it's a pain and all the URLs and CSS are screwy...
> Thanks,
> Scott
> > 

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