On Nov 5, 10:39 pm, Kenton Varda <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I finally got time to install Fedora 9 and track down the bug that causes
> protoc v2.0.2 to crash on that platform.  I've submitted a fix to SVN (rev
> 70).  The underlying problem is actually a compiler bug in GCC 4.3.0,
> although arguably the code in question was not as robust as it could have
> been.
> Amusingly, our compiler people actually noticed this problem when we
> upgraded to GCC 4.3.0 internally, but their solution was to fix the
> compiler.  :)

Please make sure the compiler fix gets pushed up stream. I'm running
4.3.2 which still breaks during compile. I worked around it by using
the SVN version.

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