I'm using the protocol buffers package for c. It's very useful and
handy. However I've encountered a problem when trying to use a message
with a nested repeated field of an other message type.

This is the simplified version -
message Item {
        int32 id = 1;

message LookupReply {
        repeated Item replica_list = 1;

Here is the code for constructing the message:
    LookupReply nlr = LOOKUP_REPLY__INIT;

    (&nlr)->replica_list = (Item**)malloc(1*sizeof(Item*));
    (&nlr)->n_replica_list = 1;

    Item* item1 = (Item*)malloc(sizeof(Item));
    item1->id = 1;
    (&nlr)->replica_list[0] = item1;

    int len = lookup_reply__get_packed_size(nlr);

The call to lookup_reply__get_packed_size causes a segmentation
I first tried using a string id field in the Item message, and that
failed too.

However when I used a string repeated field (with a few obvious
semantic changes) everything worked fine.

Anyone else has maybe used repeated message field in the c package and
got it to work (or if not, can explain why it doesn't work)?

Thank you,
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