Hopefully less buggy than last time.  :)

  * Enum values may now have custom options, using syntax similar to field
  * Fixed bug where .proto files which use custom options but don't actually
    define them (i.e. they import another .proto file defining the options)
    had to explicitly import descriptor.proto.
  * Adjacent string literals in .proto files will now be concatenated, like
  * If an input file is a Windows absolute path (e.g. "C:\foo\bar.proto")
    the import path only contains "." (or contains "." but does not contain
    the file), protoc incorrectly thought that the file was under ".",
    it thought that the path was relative (since it didn't start with a
    This has been fixed.

  * Generated message classes now have a Swap() method which efficiently
    the contents of two objects.
  * All message classes now have a SpaceUsed() method which returns an
    of the number of bytes of allocated memory currently owned by the
    This is particularly useful when you are reusing a single message object
    to improve performance but want to make sure it doesn't bloat up too
  * New method Message::SerializeAsString() returns a string containing the
    serialized data.  May be more convenient than calling
  * In debug mode, log error messages when string-type fields are found to
    contain bytes that are not valid UTF-8.
  * Fixed bug where a message with multiple extension ranges couldn't parse
  * Fixed bug where MergeFrom(const Message&) didn't do anything if invoked
    a message that contained no fields (but possibly contained extensions).
  * Fixed ShortDebugString() to not be O(n^2).  Durr.
  * Fixed crash in TextFormat parsing if the first token in the input caused
    tokenization error.
  * Fixed obscure bugs in
  * Added support for HP C++ on Tru64.
  * Only build tests on "make check", not "make".
  * Fixed alignment issue that caused crashes when using DynamicMessage on
    64-bit Sparc machines.
  * Simplify template usage to work with MSVC 2003.
  * Work around GCC 4.3.x x86_64 compiler bug that caused crashes on
    (This affected Fedora 9 in particular.)
  * Now works on "Solaris 10 using recent Sun Studio".

  * New overload of mergeFrom() which parses a slice of a byte array instead
    of the whole thing.
  * New method ByteString.asReadOnlyByteBuffer() does what it sounds like.
  * Improved performance of isInitialized() when optimizing for code size.

  * Corrected ListFields() signature in Message base class to match what
    subclasses actually implement.
  * Some minor refactoring.
  * Don't pass self as first argument to superclass constructor (no longer
    allowed in Python 2.6).

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