We are proud to announce the first release of the Dataflow Protocol
Buffers .NET package.

Dataflow Protocol Buffers includes:

1) A Protocol Buffers .NET library, which defines base classes,
implements parsing and streaming routines.

2) Our own implementation of a Protocol Buffers to C# compiler.

3) An ASP.NET Web Services to Protocol Buffers compiler, which allows
for easy addition of Protocol Buffers and JSON-RPC to your existing
ASP.NET applications.

4) A compact and extensible implementation of RPC stacks using
Protocol Buffers.

5) JSON-RPC support, providing a seamless way to add JSON-RPC support
to your Protocol Buffers applications.

6) Microsoft Silverlight support. Dataflow provides a client side
Protocol Buffers library built specifically for Silverlight.

7) Documentation, tutorials, and support.

Our implementation is lightweight and optimized for performance. We
provide a sample application that allows you to see the differences
between ASP.NET SOAP web services, Protocol Buffers RPC, and JSON PRC.
Download and see for yourself how much you can gain by using Dataflow
Protocol Buffers .NET in your applications!

This is our first release, and our work doesn't stop here. Here are
the features we are working on:

1) A Protocol Buffers RPC channel to get you data directly from
ADO.NET and Oracle databases as Protocol Buffers objects.

2) Protocol Buffers RPC over plain TCP/IP. This is the most efficient
way to exchange data between .NET and other apps inside your data

3) Protocol Buffers RPC message queuing to load balancing and batch
processing for your messages.

Dataflow Protocol Buffers .NET is a commercial software, but we
provide free licenses to educational and non-profit projects. If your
project is not for monetary gain, we will be happy to grant you a
free, no obligation license.

Feel free to visit our web site ( to
learn more about our software. We appreciate all feedback we can get.


Dataflow Software Team
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