On Dec 17, 10:59 pm, michael-l...@gmx.net wrote:
> I know of the different protobuf implementations for .NET. How is the
> state of these projects ? I would actually tend to Jon Skeets
> implementation because he's an official project member and Google
> employee. Is there some V1 to be expected in the near future ?

I should point out that although I'm certainly a Google employee, I
only joined in April and haven't used Protocol Buffers very much
within my daily work. My experience of Marc's code (in general, not
just this project) is that it's rock solid.

My project is pretty stable now, although I could do with putting some
work into making the generation easier and more flexible. (I also need
to upgrade to 2.0.3 for protoc.)

I need to write some positioning some time, but basically if you're
*only* using .NET - and particularly if you're also using WCF etc -
then Marc's is probably the best bet. If you want consistency between
C# code and Java/C++ code, mine is likely to be more appropriate.
They're all compatible in terms of the data, of course.

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