Netty 3.1.0.ALPHA3 has been released today - you don't need to build
from the source anymore.  Please visit the documentation page below
and click the 'LocalTime' example:



On Jan 7, 9:34 pm, Trustin Lee <> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> As I posted a topic here before, I have done some integration for
> protobuf and Netty to enable the rapid implementation of highly
> efficient binary protocol clients and servers.  With both technologies
> combined, you can build a socket client / server with protobuf very
> quickly.  I'd like to hear some feed back from protobuf users, so I'm
> posting a link to the detailed information on this:
>     *
> Please feel free to reply to this message, to send me an e-mail
> directly, or to reply to the original post at your option.
> Thanks for the great work on protobuf, your previous feed back, and
> your upcoming feed back in advance! :)
> Trustin
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