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> Presumably this is *not* backwardly compatible - i.e. data written
> using a message with the packed encoding can't be read by older
> clients.

It can be ignored by older clients, since it uses an existing wire type.
 But adding or removing the packed option from a field is not a
backwards-compatible change, no.

> Will add test case in C# code. No idea whether it will work without
> trying, unfortunately.

My understanding is that most regex implementations use recursive matching
because it is the only way to implement back-references.  Personally I've
never used a back-reference but apparently many people feel they are
necessary.  Apparently back-references turn regular expression matching into
an NP-complete problem.  Of course, being NP complete sort of directly
contradicts the whole point of regular expressions in the theoretical sense.
 Go figure.

Point being, the C# code probably has the same problem.

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