On Jan 27, 1:17 pm, Topher Brown <topher...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm not writing a finished program- I'm trying to write a tool for our
> use while we are developing. We are working with large arrays (stored
> in protobuf) in C++ and want to plot them, using various python tools,
> while we are developing- to find bugs and other abnormalities in the
> data. So the idea is to be able to call this tool to send the data to
> python, then decide on how to plot it.

That still sounds like a great candidate for embedding Python.  Why do
you say you can't do it?  You can easily expose C++ message objects to
Python code using Boost, or serialize the C++ object, pass the data
over the C++/Python boundary, then deserialize it on the other side.
However, if you're dead set on IPC, I checked, and Windows does indeed
have FIFOs.

> Sorry if I'm not making myself clear, but I appreciate your help.

No problem :).  I just wanted to fully understand what you were trying
to do.
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