Hi, is there a specific forum for protobuf-c? I did not find it so how
do I contact the author directly? I have added a comment on the wiki
page but it does not feel like the correct forum.


Anyway, I forgot to mention that I can build it allright on a Linux
platform so I guess the problem is cygwin related. 

And this morning I also tried the protobuf-2.0.3 release, protobuf-c-0.8
and the protobuf-c-0.7 release, all with the same errors as before.


Any more ideas?





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On Wed, Feb 4, 2009 at 2:17 AM, <mag...@goteb.org> wrote:

To begin with I have built the normal c++ protobuf tools (2.0.3 rc2)


Why rc2?  That's a release candidate build (like a beta).  You should
use the official 2.0.3 release.


        Then I do the same for protobuf-c-0.8
        ./configure --prefix=/usr
        here I run inte the problem, it seems like files are missing?


>From the errors it looks like protobuf-c may already be implementing
packed repeated fields, which were not in protobuf 2.0.3 but will be in
2.0.4.  You may have to use an older version of protobuf-c.  That's just
my guess, though; you should probably contact the author of protobuf-c

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