Thank you for the reply. I'm also a fan of publish subscribe. That's
why I try to build this easy API using the protocol buffer as data
definition and data wire format. I have previously used tibco
rendevouz, but is too expensive and the code is close. I'm also fan of
OMG specifications, DDS is a great choice if you want a very
proffessional, open standard middleware (you can find and and open
code too). Several vendors offers DDS products. The guys from RTI
offer a good product (I have not tried others).

In the other hand, think that not all communication problems can be
solved by pub/sub, and you may need a client/server architecture (I
still recommend CORBA). Yes I know you can make a wrapper to simulate
a request/reply by means of pub/sub, but it is not elegant (as Tibco

I know this is just an exercise, but I personally think the
protocolbus may be interesting. I'm still begging for testers, my
environment is not enough big to test.

Thanks a lot for lines.

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