I think this was added in rev 90:

But it hasn't made it into an official release yet.

On Thu, Feb 19, 2009 at 7:12 AM, bart van deenen

> I'm building a generic gpb editor, that can create gpb encoded files.
> The UI is completely dynamic, based on the .proto files that one
> chooses (http://github.com/bvdeenen/gpbedit/tree/master)
> In this editor I'm currently generating a gpb object on the fly, but
> since it's a gui editor, it is necessary to delete one item anywhere
> in a range of 'repeated' items. Is this currently possible with the
> python interface (ClearField removes all items of a repeated field)?
> Or should I hack around it, or maybe have a separate data
> representation and only build the gpb object when I'm done editting.
> (That's probably the easiest).
> Thanks
> Bart
> >

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