On Feb 24, 2:57 pm, Leon Mergen <l...@solatis.com> wrote:
> After a bit of a search on the site of protocol buffers I was unable
> to see what the behavior of the serialization of unset fields is (that
> is, has_field () == false). Will they be skipped entirely from
> serialization, and thus take up no space at all, or will they still be
> defined in the serialization in some way ?

Guess browsing through the code gave me my answer -- it seems like all
Serialization functions eventually end up to the
SerializeWithCachedSizes function of a message, and in that function I
see a lot of:

if (_has_bit ()) { DO_(); }

calls, from which I conclude that, if has_field () == false, there
will not be a call to serialize that field at all, and it will not
waste any space.


Leon Mergen
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