I would be using pb message structs not only as a messages between
objects, but also for data storage within active objects in an
embedded c++ app. This makes the most sense, in terms of minimizing
copies. I would like to be able to extend whatever framework we choose
to be able to automate actions when certain fields of an object's
message member are changed.

The objects in our application have several interfaces which may read
and write object data. The nice thing about using PB for us is that it
allows us to generalize these interfaces so that they all ultimately
call the same generic "setAttrs" kind of method. I'd like for these
objects to be able to register callbacks within the framework so that,
for example, NotifyNewLevel() gets called when the "level" field
changes, regardless of what interface did the setting. The detection
of a changing message field would be managed by the framework so you
don't have to do extra "did the field change" and "if so, what should
I do about it now?" checks at a higher level. Is this sort of
consideration on anyone's radar?

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